December 4, 2012
"Seven weeks have passed since we set sail from Enroth. Slaves freed from our skirmishes with regnant fleets talk of the turmoil in Erathia. I suspect their stories are true, but I must see the evidence with my own eyes. The ocean tides were kind enough to bury the fallen on their shores, however, the smoking ruins of Cloudfire greeted us with nothing but destruction and the stench of death. With no survivors, only the battlefield could tell me what happened here. Despite the breadth of devastation, the presence of Minotaurs suggests a raiding party, however the ranks were too well organized. This is the work of the Dungeon Overlords! Evidently the wizards were prepared, but overrun nevertheless. These atrocities rend my heart and fuel my anger. Erathia’s banner must be respected, never disgraced. I think of my beloved Roland, and my son Nikolai, and how much further this war will take me from them. But my duty is clear. My father’s kingdom must survive. Erathia must not fall to its enemies!"

— Queen Catherine Ironfist of Enroth, Intro to Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Restoration of Erathia

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